Cam’ron “So Bad” Ft Nicki Minaj Music Video Preview!

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Barbz we got a GOOD sneak peek at Nicki Minaj in Cam’ron’s new music video “So Bad”.
Looks like Nicki may have gotten some inspiration from her role in The Other Woman movie—sporting a black business blazer! The most clothing we’ve seen on her in a music video in a long time. Ok, so we’re not totally sure what’s happening here in this teaser: a shady business deal, a mansion, NYC, and who’s “So Bad”? All we know is Nicki Minaj clearly disapproves of something going on her with that blaring stare. We’ll find out when the video drops Wednesday. But even more importantly we’ve now finally heard the whole song via soundcloud! I gotta say it’s popping. And catchy. Here’s a peek at Nicki’s verse.
So that hook is from singer Yummy which I think adds a super catchy feel to this funky old school vibe. And in case you didn’t know this track is a revamp of Cam’ron’s 2012 song “So Bad”. This new version is expected to be featured on Cam’ron’s “1st of the Month” EP series. We’re loving this tune what about you my friends? Tell us and click that box to check out 7 naughty things you didn’t know about Nicki Minaj. I’m Misty Kingma have a so good day. – Visit our website! – Facebook Fan Page! – Follow Us! – Follow Misty!

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