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:A pokemon trainer comes across a wild Michael Jackson and faces him in battle. See how it turns out! I made this entirely with GIF animation. ------------------------------ R.I.P Michael Jackson I realize Jackson has died since I've made this video, and I respected him greatly as a musician. That's the entire reason I made this animation-to honor his awesome skills in a fun pokemon battle. Although you may find the ending in poor taste, I do not actually believe it happened, but it's part of pop culture now and subject to satire. DISCLAIMER: This is not a hack, it's a video. I made this using photoshop and animating it frame by frame, to make a series of .gifs, which I put together with music in Windows Movie Maker. Do not comment asking me how to find or catch Michael Jackson in your own game. It cannot be done. Figured I'd start putting in my honors for this video: (As of September 8,2010) #44 - Top Favorited (All Time)) - Entertainment #78 - Top Rated (All Time)) - Entertainment

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