Legendary Vocalists is a fraud, the Beyoncé video is fake!

Use pauses to read.
It’s easy to say it’s all false with no evidency, this is what I call fallacies!
Every video that proposes to talk about singing might be controvese. But some people might make terrible accusations questioning your character and to that I simply cannot remain silent. This is the last video I’ll ever upload that contains negativity towards any singer! I am sorry for any Beyoncé fans who feel insulted, but this is pointed to the people who claim certain absurd things wich I deeply disagree. The comments are disabled because I want my channel filled with peace and this is why I won’t ever make negative videos about anyone. I might remain shady because some people like the shade, but I don’t wanna discredit no singer even if terrible technique, after all everyone chooses the best for themselves.

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