Lord Jamar & Godfrey: Has EGO taken over Nicki Minaj?

In Round 2 of their topical discussion, Rah Digga asks what Lord Jamar and Godfrey make of Nicki Minaj lashing out at an intern who made some comments on social media about the content and direction of Nicki’s music (3:27)?
The next topic is whether there is meaning behind artists utilizing this “split personality” imagery in their music and videos such as XXXTentacion depicting himself going to his own funeral in his video for the song “SAD!” (15:50)?

0:00 – 0:48 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:49 Did You Know? History of Friday the 13th and why it’s unlucky
3:27 Nicki Minaj vs an intern
7:37 LoRd JaMaR wHy ArE yOu ObJeCtiFyiNg WoMeNs AgAiN?!
8:58 When EGO takes over
10:45 Was it a passive-aggressive underhanded attack on Nicki?
15:50 XXXTentacion “Sad” video & video symbology
17:47 Thoughts Become Things – Words have power
21:20 Book Recommendation
24:06 Did You Know? Origin of “Barrel of laughs”
25:43 Godfrey’s show on Sirius XM
28:30 Outro

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