Michael Jackson´s Who is it OldDAnces MJ style by SFA

Tribute to some songs n oldances . Best with HPhones!
Hi! Just taking a look at some moves and thought it nice to recut them, even though they are from past videos all, but think its fun to see how stuff goes well together, to create a narrative through sound n rhythm, and the lyrics n voice of Mj’s melodies while dancing, and love to reedit stuff together from time to time, n..love this funky version of the song! Takes me hours, but do like sometimes the result as an illusion of a clip, like I just danced to that song through the piece, and beats n words falling into place n capture the elusive spirit of the moment. Forgive all moves that are not quite spot on, though, and its my freestyle, trying to capture some mj soul in the while as It was always my purpose and joy. Realize three have been so many vids and dance and some may have seen this before, but let ur selves go , and join the flow of some moves with an MJ perfume! ThX M for ur gift to us.Thank to all those who have been there from day one, with respect on my channel, guys, hope u can continue, from time to time, putting a smile and remembering Mj watching these my tributes. So long. n enjoy music! CoMMent! I read U

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