Moonwalk Tutorial 5 minutes – How to moonwalk like Michael Jackson !

The moonwalk is one of the most famous dance moves that everyone wants to learn, well here is your chance! This tutorial takes you through a basic version and a more advanced version of the moonwalk, and also gives you a load of tips! I had trouble perfecting this move when i was younger so I have included ways that i used to help me learn it and get it smoother.

Done properly the moonwalk will amaze everyone and you will be number one on the dance floor 🙂

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Please leave a comment and like this video, and if this video works for you and you are successful in doing the moonwalk, leave the video of you doing it in response to the video or message it to this channel, and i will give you any more tips which could help you improve it a bit 🙂 Thanks for watching! Have fun and keep on practising! 🙂

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