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Justin Bieber Dance off vs ShaQ Best dance EVER !!!

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neil will go head-to-head for a dance battle with Justin Bieber,
Shaq hit tv screens last year with his show on ABC “Shaq Vs.” The program featured the sports icon competing with a variety of other athletes at the top of their specific games. For the upcoming second season though, Shaq will change things up by going up against non-athletes also.

Rachel Ray and magicians Penn and Teller are reportedly on the docket, but the only person making head-lines for his upcoming cameo is none other than Justin Bieber! From what we’re hearing, Shaq will face off against the pop star in a full-fledged dance off. This something you are definitely not going to want to miss.

What will a dance off between Shaq, who by the way is over seven feet tall, and the Biebs look like. By the way, Justin is apparently around 5 feet 4 inches tall. How will height play into this dance battle?

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