ariana grande & pete davidson | ♡cutest moments♡ PART 2

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i do not own these clips

justin bieber & hailey baldwin | ♡cutest moments♡

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congrats to the biebers also why is everyone getting engaged and i’m not

ariana grande & pete davidson | ♡cutest moments♡

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our parents

Pete Davidson | Best Moments

a king we don’t deserve
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beat at the end:

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Katy Perry’s confirms new song “Roar” complete with a release date and a dark teaser video! Hey Katycats welcome back to your music source online: ClevverMusic! As we previously reported Katy’s new single is titled “Roar” off her upcoming “Prism” album set to drop October 22. We now know the single is coming to your ears very soon: August 12th. Katy tweeted this morning, “WE DON’T NEED NO WATER LET THE BABY BLUE BURN” along with a link to a 30 second trailer for the new song. What is baby blue you ask? Well, the shadowy teaser clip starts with Katy starting up a lighter and we see blue turn into a flame. Eventually Katy pulls the lighter up to her face so we can see her in the dark, wearing a blank stare on her face, red lips, black choker, and black and white striped sweater. The only audible sound in the video is the roaring flame. Next, the lighter goes out of sight and Katy slowly reveals what she is using the lighter to burn: her famous bright blue wig. The hair piece goes up in flames as Katy makes the most serious face we’ve ever seen on the light hearted Teenage Dream singer. Then the word: #ROAR comes on the screen (yes we love that it’s in cheetah print) keeping with her cat feline theme. And then “AUG 12” flashes on the screen revealing the song’s release date, also in classic cheetah print. So we say goodbye to Baby Blue, no doubt a metaphor for her bubblegum California Gurls pop days and hello to the new darker shade of Katy Perry. What do you think of Katy burning her past and starting fresh? Check out the full teaser with the link below and tell us if you’re excited or scared for the new Killer Queen Katy. I’m Misty Kingma for ClevverMusic see you Katycats back here for more music news every day.