Michael Jackson Tribute Video (HQ)

Michael Jackson best dance moves-song Unbreakable from the album Invinsible.

Michael Jackson’s Unbreakable

Michael Jackson’s song “Unbreakable”; video by www.mjhideout.com. I’m just a fan.

Michael Jackson

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MICHAEL JACKSON mtaani – Cheki video

MICHAEL JACKSON mtaani – Cheki video

MICHAEL JACKSON mtaani – Cheki video

MICHAEL JACKSON mtaani – Cheki video

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XSCAPE – Michael Jackson Dance Video | Directed by @MattSteffanina (Matt Steffanina)

Michael Jackson – XSCAPE Dance Video | Choreography by Matt Steffanina, Ricardo Walker & Dana Alexa | Learn how to dance: youtube.com/DanceTutorialsLive

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As dancers, we all grew up with the dream of being on stage with Michael Jackson. And to this day, he continues to live on and inspire dancers around the world through his music. While no one will ever be able to duplicate Michael’s style, we wanted to make a tribute to the greatest performer that’s ever graced a stage. Thank you Michael for all your inspiration and the passion you put into your music, we will always remember you as the greatest of all time.

Big thank you to the dancers: Ricardo, Dana, Ellyott, Mio, Anna, Michael – our videographers Baxter & Jeremy – and Athletic Garage for letting us shoot at their amazing space!

Choreography by: Matt Steffanina, Ricardo Walker, Dana Alexa
Directed & Edited by: Matt Steffanina


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Artist: Michael Jackson
Year : 2014

1- Love Never Felt So Good
2- Chicago
3- Loving You
4- A Place with No Name
5- Slave to the Rhythm
6- Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7- Blue Gangsta
8- Xscape
9- Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version)
10- Chicago (Original Version)
11- Loving You (Original Version)
12- A Place with No Name (Original Version)
13- Slave to the Rhythm (Original Version)
14- Do You Know Where Your Children Are (Original Version)
15- Blue Gangsta (Original Version)
16- Xscape (Original Version)
17- Love Never Felt So Good (Feat. Justin Timberlake)

For information about the Michael Jackson Hologram official video, search ‘billboard music awards 2014 michael jackson hologram’.

BEST OF JOY – This Is It – Soundalike Live Rehearsal – Michael Jackson

BEST OF JOY – This Is It – Soundalike Live Rehearsal (Fanmade by me).
Mix and Vocal Manipulatio made by me.

©️ Sony Music & The Estate Of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson dance collection

Another Michael Jackson dance moves collection clip with some of his best dance moves from beat it, bad,remember the time, jam, black or white,moonwalker smooth criminal and speed demon and some live performances with MJ’s song bad extended dance remix and blame it on the boogie.

Next video i will probably post will be of MJ’s best vocals.

*No COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT INTENDED* I DON”T OWN NOTHING in this clip or the music that is used.All right goes to Michael Jackson,Epic Records,MJJ Records,Sony,Motown.

billie jam beat it bad,tiger woods beating by wife with golf club and crash and said i need you to do me a favor and change your name and number,oprah finally will end her show yay,rihanna tells chris to shutup and drive so chris brown runs it on rihanna,she hit it on ground and then he takes her down and she crawl crawl crawl,and then they break up and two weeks or a month or whatever they get back together then they break up again and she tells him to beat it beat it just beat it rihanna goes crazy and writes crazy songs and now she always half naked or almost,and Chris brown gets rejected from awards show and other because of rihanna incident and then everybody calls him a woman beater a punk sissy boy,rihanna starts having the boring videos and confusing,and then Chris starts dressing weird and starts wearing tights as seen on his graffiti cd cover,next.. Taylor swift wins over Beyonce at the mtv vma and here comes Kanye to the rescue and interrupt Taylor swift and say “I’m gooing to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” so people start to boo kanye,some people say oh “kanye your a douche” “your a loser i hate you kanye” and “man that is a-hole”.so Taylor starts to cry boo hoo 🙁 .Now Taylor’s famous YAY! Now she is talk about everywhere at the doctors the weddings the funeral the party ,the bathrooms,the toilets,the kitchen,the news,under the car,at school,and now even old people knows who she is,,,,yay Kanye,thank you! Recently at the AMA’s Taylor “The girl that Kanye made FAMOUS” Swift wins i don’t know how many she won but i think alot,ending of the show they announce artist the year and guess what Taylor WINS but Michael Jackson was also in that category but he lost to that girl that kanye made famous because of kanye.Thanks to kanye.Now she wins every award that she is nominated for and won’t lose because they feel sorry for because she is 10 years old.Grammy are coming soon and Taylors is nominated for 8 grammys and beyounce is nominated for 10! yay Beyonce but beyonce won’t probably win if she is nominated in the same category as taylor swift.
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
Where you see the arrows above this sentce you are reading,the sentence above the arrows was joke because i was bored.

*No copyright infrigement intended i don’t own any thing in this clip or the music that is used.All right goes to Michael Jackson,Epic Records,MJJ Records,Sony,Motown.*

Dangerous – Michael Jackson / Keone & Mariel Madrid Choreography / 310XT Films / URBAN DANCE CAMP

• WB: http://www.theUrbanDanceCamp.com
• IG: http://instagram.com/Urban.Dance.Camp
• FB: http://facebook.com/theUrbanDanceCamp
• YT: http://youtube.com/UrbanDanceCamp

• MUSIC: “Dangerous” (Immortal Version) & “Human Nature” (Fingazz Remix) by Michael Jackson
• CHOREOGRAPHERS: Keone & Mariel Madrid (San Diego, USA)
• FILM & EDIT: 310XT Films

★ THE UDC ★ The Urban Dance Camp is the world’s leading dance intensive education. The annual international workshop event has become after many years the best summer intensive for studio-styles (choreography) as well as streetdance-styles, with the highest standard of teaching and unique talents from around the world.

★ THE LINE UP ★ The Urban Dance Camp presents every year an amazing line up with dance legends, youtube stars and top international choreographers from Asia, Europe and the North America. All of them proved their skills in the past years and become the best and most qualified educators for choreography-oriented participants.

★ THE CLASSES ★ The UDC 2018 offers you more than 166 classes over a period of 44 days. The workshops are ideal for dancers, teachers and choreographers with experience. The level of the classes is for intermediate, advanced and professional dancers. The UDC is not for beginners, who never danced before. Participants have to be at least 15 years. Enjoy 255 hours of workshops with up to 44 teachers and participants from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Israel, Switzerland and many more!

Best Anti Gravity Lean compilation ( the origins ) Michael Jackson impersonator (Luca) 7 years old

WORLD RECORD ANTI-GRAVITY LEAN – 7 years old Luca Pardini –
Smooth Criminal – The best remake ever
by Dancing the Dream

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Puntata finalissima Mini-Next di Verona

Posted by iMichael on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Michael Jackson Shop:

INCREDIBILE 380.000 visualizzazioni in pochissimo tempo… il numero continua a crescere ogni giorno… così come i tanti commenti e gli iscritti al canale.

Bravo Luca, devo per forza fare i complimenti a mio figlio che a 5 anni ha insistito pesantemente perché realizzassi l’attrezzatura Anti-Gravity Lean per lui… non c’era verso di fargli cambiare idea, pensavo si trattasse dei soliti “capricci” di un bambino… visto il tanto e complicato lavoro che si nasconde dietro la realizzazione delle scarpe, cercavo in tutti i modi di temporeggiare, sperando gli passasse di mente… ma niente, lui non molla! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (per fortuna)

Un grazie speciale a tutti quelli che hanno contribuito a far crescere Lorenzo e Luca – iMichael.

Luca Bravo, I have to compliment my son who at 5 years has insisted heavily to make the equipment anti-gravity Lean for him … there was no way to change his mind, I thought it was the usual “whims “Of a child … given the long and complicated work that hides behind the realization of the shoes, I tried in all ways to stall, hoping to pass him by mind … but nothing, he does not give up! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (thankfully)

Dopo la prematura scomparsa del Re del Pop Michael Jackson 25 Giugno 2009, molti impersonator da tutto il mondo hanno iniziato ad imitarlo per rendergli omaggio. Alcuni sono bavissimi, altri un po’ meno, lo spirito giusto è comunque quello di non cercare di arrivare a MJ. Michael Jackson è unico. Nei tanti concerti e spettacoli abbiamo potuto ammirare la sua genialità e bravura.
In questo video potrete vedere una compilation di Anti-Graviti lean dei piccoli iMichael. Da pochissimo tempo stanno frequentando una scuola di canto e hanno iniziato anche a cantare LIVE. Spero sia di Vostro gradimento lo spsettacolo. Buona visione a tutti!

After the untimely death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson June 25, 2009, many impersonators from around the world began to imitate him to pay him homage. Some are gags, others a little ‘less, the right spirit is still to not try to get to MJ. Michael Jackson is unique. In the many concerts and shows we could admire his genius and skill.
In this video you will see a compilation of Anti-Graviti lean of the little iMichael. They have been attending a singing school for a very short time and have even started singing LIVE. I hope you enjoy the showcase. Good vision to all!

A special thank you to all those who helped to make Lorenzo and Luca grow – iMichael.

– Valerio Moro
– Roma Danza 80
– Gianluca Wonka Colonnelli
– Gianni D’Andria
– Csen Danza Miriam Baldassari
– Csen Danza Fabrizio Fogazza
– Michael Jackson Shop Carlo Emili
– Cantando Ballando DMG Records
– Rino Davoli
– CinecittàWorld
– Emiliano Fiacchi
– Roberto Shok Massacci
– Valerio Tosatti
– MoonWalkers – il Tributo italiano
– Rotonda di Ostia
– Mamma che Pizza
– Eden Park Roma

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antigravedad inclinación

How To Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

In this video we show you how to do the moonwalk like the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

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