Katy Perry’s most decent vocal eforts (Her trully best vocals EVER)

Everytime I click on a video that wants to prove Katy Perry can sing I get out of it with headaches, literally! The people either choose terrible performances or simply performances where her voice is pitch corrected digitally (You can’t fool me when it comes to that). In this video I chosen her trully closest to good vocals, I know nowadays she tries belting more and etc, but I think her voice trully was at it’s best in 2006-2008, it had a womanly depth, a certain thickness, richness to it wich I adored at the time, and that simply is not existent nowdays because she sings with an overly nasal placement and out of her range wich even makes people think she’s a soprano. Anyways, Katy Perry isn’t and will never be a “legendary vocalist” she’s already had to much lessons when she was young and nowadays so many coaches, and yet she can’t seem to want that, but I’m thankful to the experience I had and how different it feels listening to her now, enjoy.

All Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – The Honeymoon Tour

The Honeymoon Tour. Miami March 28th and California April 9th 2015.

0:00 Love Me Harder
1:43 All That Matters
2:51 As Long As You Love Me
4:42 Love Me Harder
7:00 As Long As You Love Me

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Michael Jackson is Still Alive! 2018 (Proof)


Ariana grande Best Compilation Reaction.

A Simple cute Compilation of Ariana Grande just for her fans. ( Sorry for the Poor Audio Quality) I will fix it in the next video. Please tell me what You guys want to see next and please be sure to Subscribe!

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Justin Bieber throws up/pukes BEST SPOT

Justin Bieber throws up On Believe Tour Arizona-Out of Town Girl [full version]
justin bieber throws up full version
Justin Bieber throws up on stage
puking on stage in Phoenix 9/29/12
Justin got sick on stage during “Out of Town Girl” in Phoenix
Justin Bieber throws up singing Out of Town Girl
Justin Bieber pukes While Performing On Believe Tour Arizona
Singing and then throws up LIVE on stage, what happened??
vomit , pukes ,throws up
Bieber did return, according to the Hollywood Reporter, announcing a plan to “slow things down”. But within a few songs, the 18-year-old again fled the spotlights.

Michael Jackson #1 Stage Fails | Funny – Angry – Bloopers – Awkward [Rare Footage Collection]

You’ll see Michael on a hilarious footage with all the ‘funny’ moments that happended to him ON STAGE. Get the chance to view all the awkward & funny stage moments that made Michael angry or happy! I’ve added a great sense of humour & I hope you’d enjoy it! Remember it’s all about humour & Michael Loved that! So, if you want more upcoming & exclusive content all you need to do is to SUBSCRIBE ON MY CHANNEL & you’d be the #1 to view the new Videos! thank you a lot for you support it means a lot to me! xxx DGMJ

Meet Navi, Michael Jackson’s Best Impersonator !

He’s almost a clone of michael

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself Live (Best Crowd Ever) (Amazing Performance 2015)

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (Live Amazing Performance 2015) BEst Crowd Ever

Rihanna One of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen! Rihanna backstage in Montreal

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Drake Calls Eminem Greatest Rapper Ever – VIDEO

Drake brings out Eminem during a performance in his hometown of Detroit. Plus- Drake calls Eminem ‘the greatest rapper’.

Starring Ali Stagnitta

Produced by @ginoorlandini

Music Provided by Argofox – Check Them Out:



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