DJ Khaled BLASTS The Music Industry, Opens Up About His Fiancé & Speaks Up on The Best Rapper

Anotha One. We The Best. You Smart. You Loyal.

Khaled has quotables, hits, awards, a restaurant, his own headphone line, a production company and a label — and stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about all of them .

First off — his album, I Changed A Lot, is due October 23rd, and you can find features from Trey Songz, Trick Daddy, Chris Brown, Fetty Wap and more — with a lead single called You Mine.” A grammatically incorrect title that Khaled is being strategic about.

“You mine, and you mine, and YOU mine.” Khaled tells us. “They way I wanted to do it… it’s like, all you ladies is mine.”


While in-studio, Khaled also opens up about his fiancé, who he’s been with for 11 years. And when he says “You smart. You loyal,” he’s really talking to her. *emoji heart eyes* Although he alludes to her not being so thrilled when he fake-proposed to Nicki Minaj, he made up with his charm — and possibly a price tag?

When Khaled says “WE THE BEST,” he means it. From being an excelled producer to DJ, he details his meticulous work ethic — which ultimately got him to the top and Suffering from Success.

Before he left, we had to put him to the test. Who is the best amongst his peers?

Who’s the best DJ? Funk Flex or Kid Capri?
Who’s the best rapper? Drake or Kendrick Lamar?
Who’s the best producer? Kanye or Pharrell?
Who’s the best CEO? Diddy or Jay Z?
Who’s hotter? Beyonce or Nicki Minaj?

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