Taylor Swift – I’d Lie (Music Video)

I love this song (unreleased) so I had to make a video. I’m surprised the video with the guitars (The Story Of Us acoustic) fits it so good.
Please notice: this not an official video

Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]

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Mean by taylor swift MUSIC VIDEO

I love Taylor swift and I made a little video with my friend for fun! Credit: Ava and victoria and get video star if you want to make one to! And plz like it!!!!

End Game – Behind The Scenes

Watch the official End Game music video: http://taylor.lk/EndGameVideo

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𝑀usic 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝐴sia! (my 𝐹ebruary 𝑣ideo 𝑏log)

𝑀usic 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝐴sia! (my 𝐹ebruary 𝑣ideo 𝑏log)
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Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour — Music Merch

We crashed Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour at the Rose Bowl to see what fans really think of her BELLA+CANVAS tour merch.

Music merch is such a huge part of artist’s business. That’s why quality products are so important to musicians and more and more are choosing BELLA+CANVAS. During Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium tour, she offered several signature BELLA+CANVAS styles to her fans.

Styles featured in this video:

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3001Y: https://www.bellacanvas.com/product/3001Y/Youth-Short-Sleeve-Tee.html

3501: https://www.bellacanvas.com/product/3501/Unisex-Jersey-Long-Sleeve-Tee.html

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About this video: In this video bella canvas shows you the best blank apparel that was used for Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour! You will see our unisex t-shirts and our new Bella Canvas kids collection used on the many designs that were available to be picked up at the Taylor Swift reputation tour rose bowl concert!

Best Songs – Taylor Swift – Delicate (Vertical Version)

Best Songs – Taylor Swift – Delicate (Vertical Version)
Best Songs Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

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Taylor Swift’s Superfan Gets Surprised!

One of Taylor Swift’s superfans got the surprise of a lifetime when Ellen called her down to the stage for a special gift from Taylor!

𝑀usic 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝑆peak 𝑁ow 𝐹an 𝑉ideo : 𝑀inneapolis, 𝑀N

𝑀usic 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝑇aylor 𝑆wift 𝑆peak 𝑁ow 𝐹an 𝑉ideo : 𝑀inneapolis, 𝑀N
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Watch as Susan Dixon and daughter Kalien explore New York City and attend Taylor Swift album release occasions. Kalien has a little trouble with the circle doorways, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying a one-in-a-lifetime ride. “You betcha Minnesota loves Taylor Swift!”

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Super Bass- Nicki Minaj (cover)

This cover on iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/super-bass-single/id467964471
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I wish I could rap 🙁 hahaaa so this… this RIGHT HERE is my cover of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj… I love this song so I wanted try to cover it… I’m a huge Nicki Minaj fan and the reason I changed it so much is NOT because I think that the orginal isn’t amazinggggg it’s just because this is the only way I can pull off the song 😛 Andddd.. just incase you noticed, I changed some of the words because some of the lines would just sound ridiculous coming out of my mouth ! ahahaa ENJOY !!

G, Cadd9, Em7, Dsus (also I used a capo on the 1st fret but i’m pretty sure the orginal is higher… you can adjust it however you want)