Best Song Ever/ Teenage Dream – One Direction/ Katy Perry – Cover

I wanted to cover BSE, but I thought I’d be different and mix it with another song.
It’s kind of a duet with myself I suppose, but without harmonies.

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I really miss you,
Hope that you miss me too,
I wanna hold you,
Nothing that I can do,
So ordinary,
Without you by my side,
And I cry,

I loved your laughter,
The look that you gave just me,
Such a disaster,
I wish my soul was free,
So I could find you,
Wherever you are out there,
Cause I Care,

Why’d you go,
Why did you leave,
Me alone,
In life,
It’s not fair,
That you are gone,
And I feel empty inside,

I hope you are in a better place,
Hope the Lord has your soul to save,
Nothing left in my heart to break,
And now you are gone,
I am so torn,

All I saw was the love in you,
Heart so strong and I always knew,
You were mine and I was yours,
You are no more,
I can’t ignore,

I found a picture,
Remembered the night we spent,
With us together,
Bairley could pay the rent,
It didn’t matter,
Because you were my best friend,
Till the end,

I can’t scream,
It does no good,
Doesn’t fix, what’s wrong,
No way to reverse the past,
Me and you,
How do I move on?

I hope you are in a better place,
Hope the Lord has your soul to save,
Nothing left in my heart to break,
And now you are gone,
I am so torn,

All I saw was the love in you,
Heart so strong and I always knew,
You were mine and I was yours,
You are no more,
I can’t ignore,

This may seem obsence,
But I keep living,
Knowing I will see you soon,

And I feel misplaced,
Cause life’s a race,
You set the pace for now,


I know you are in better place,
See you at the pearly gates,
My heart beats to see my fate,
I live for you,
I will make it through,

Maybe it was just your time,
I know I will be just fine,
Cause of love must be divine,
I will see again,
I will see my best friend.

This may seem obscene,
But I keep living,
Knowing I will you see you soon,

And I feel misplaced,
Cause lifes a race,
You set the pace for now,

For now.

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9 Katy Perry Songs We’ll Always Love!

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If there’s one thing Katy Perry is known for besides her music … and her looks… it’s the videos that go along with it. As if selling out arenas and breaking Billboard records wasn’t enough, our girl KP has been cranking out some of the most hilariously amazing visuals of her generation. And while we do love the seductively simple “I Kissed a Girl Video” that started it all, today we’re only talking about the best of the best. I am ranking my top 9 favorite Katy videos of ALL TIME. Now trust me guys, this was not an easy task. As a diehard KatyCat, picking my favorite videos was like a mother ranking her favorite children. But alas, for you guys, I have done just that. Now let us begin.

9. Hot N Cold
8. Teenage Dream
7. Thinking of You
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5. Dark Horse
4. California Gurls
3. Wide Awake
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Katy Perry’s most decent vocal eforts (Her trully best vocals EVER)

Everytime I click on a video that wants to prove Katy Perry can sing I get out of it with headaches, literally! The people either choose terrible performances or simply performances where her voice is pitch corrected digitally (You can’t fool me when it comes to that). In this video I chosen her trully closest to good vocals, I know nowadays she tries belting more and etc, but I think her voice trully was at it’s best in 2006-2008, it had a womanly depth, a certain thickness, richness to it wich I adored at the time, and that simply is not existent nowdays because she sings with an overly nasal placement and out of her range wich even makes people think she’s a soprano. Anyways, Katy Perry isn’t and will never be a “legendary vocalist” she’s already had to much lessons when she was young and nowadays so many coaches, and yet she can’t seem to want that, but I’m thankful to the experience I had and how different it feels listening to her now, enjoy.

Best Of Katy Perry (So Far) [Top Ten]

This week’s Top Ten is dedicated to one of the most successful acts in the last 10 years. She sold over 100 millions records worldwide and has six singles that sold over 5 millions in the US (a record). With many more to come here is a look back at her Top Ten singles so far. Hope you enjoy.

What is your favorite tune/video of Katy Perry so far? Write in the comments and make suggestions for further Top 10s

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Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [feat. Missy Elliott]” Official Lyric Video

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Official lyric video for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [feat. Missy Elliott]”, the fifth single off Katy’s latest album ‘Teenage Dream’.

Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry: Best Breakup Song!?!

Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry: Best Breakup Song!?!
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Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift – which pop princess writes the better break up song!?!

It’s a fact that while heartbreak is horrible — it also brings about some of the best music from our favorite musicians. Taylor Swift is first up as she just released her most recent “tell all” break up song, titled ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ — and although it’s not confirmed which ex this song is about — Tswifty fans are eating it up!

And Katy Perry is the queen of modestly writing songs about love and heartbreak, but then not admitting who it’s about. Well, when her marriage with Russell Brand ended just this year, everyone was pretty certain her song, ‘Wide Awake’ was about him.

So which lovely lady, Katy or Taylor do you think writes the better heartbreak song!

Katy Perry Evolution

An evolution of Katy singing her songs from 2008-2017.
I had to remove some videos due to copyright issues.