9 Katy Perry Songs We’ll Always Love!

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If there’s one thing Katy Perry is known for besides her music … and her looks… it’s the videos that go along with it. As if selling out arenas and breaking Billboard records wasn’t enough, our girl KP has been cranking out some of the most hilariously amazing visuals of her generation. And while we do love the seductively simple “I Kissed a Girl Video” that started it all, today we’re only talking about the best of the best. I am ranking my top 9 favorite Katy videos of ALL TIME. Now trust me guys, this was not an easy task. As a diehard KatyCat, picking my favorite videos was like a mother ranking her favorite children. But alas, for you guys, I have done just that. Now let us begin.

9. Hot N Cold
8. Teenage Dream
7. Thinking of You
6. E.T. Feat. Kanye west
5. Dark Horse
4. California Gurls
3. Wide Awake
2. Birthday
1. Last Friday Night

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If You Sing You Lose (Katy Perry)

If You Sing You Lose (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry – Thinking of You (Lyrics)

One of my favorite songs by Katy Perry, Thinking of You =)

Most Viewed Katy Perry Videos

Most Viewed Katy Perry Videos

My Top 10 Katy Perry Songs (Singles)

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Here’s my top 10 Katy Perry songs, there’s only singles, because I haven’t listen her other songs very much, so sorry about that. But hope you still like it and as always thank you for watching! (:

– Mockingjay

Katy Perry – Simple.Mp4

The Video before She was Famous