Michael Jackson – “Price of fame” music video full version – edited by me 2012 [HD] high quality

Edit & HD 2012 ⓢⓤⓑⓢⓒⓡⓘⓑⓔ ☞ newoaknl / newoakmedia -‘ Price of fame ‘ full version music video.

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★(¯`*•.¸.Michael Jackson Legend Never Die.¸.•*´¯)★

Michael Jackson ♫*¨ Best Of Joy

*゚♪❤ “Best Of Joy” (Lyrics) ❤♪*゚

I am your joy
Your best of joy
I am the moonlight
You are the spring
Our love’s a sacred thing
You know I always will love you
I am forever
I am the one who came when you fell down
I was the only one around
When things would hurt you
I am forever
Wasn’t it I who said that you are free?
When living seemed so hard to be
And things would hurt you
I am forever
We are forever
I am your friend through thick and thin
We need each other
We’ll never part
Our love is from the heart
We never say I don’t need you
We are forever
I am the one who said that you are free
When living seemed so hard to be
And nothing would cheer you
I am forever
Wasn’t it I who carried you around?
When all the walls came tumbling down
When things would hurt you
I am forever
We are forever
You are the sun that lights up the sky
When things are shady
Let come what may we do get by
I was the only one around
When things would hurt you
We are forever (I am forever)
we are forever (I am forever)
We are forever
We are forever
I am forever


BEST LIVE VOCALS – Michael Jackson – Part 6

Thanks for helping me to make this video possible!! Thanks for your comments for Best Live Vocals part 6!!
We all love the voice of Michael Jackson! His voice is strong and soft at the same time and just unique!!! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear him sing!!! and… I just loooove his voice… I just love him… for all time… for ever end ever… L.O.V.E.
Michael I love you!

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Michael Jackson – Beat it (live rehearsal) this is it – HD

You can sing as good as this, check this link to see how http://tinyurl.com/singnice

jacksooooon !! foreverrr

Controversial & Interesting Moments in Michael Jackson’s Music

This video was something I planned on making for so long. I didn’t want to lock it away and not make it, because it was something I’ve planned on doing for so long. Thank you to each and every one of you that watched it to the end. This is by far my most favorite video to make out of the bunch and it really means a lot to me. So to each of you that enjoyed it, it really means a lot to me. Thank you.

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This Is It

(Just basic common sense. It’s pretty sickening for them to release this album so early, considering that fans were already gonna be in tears hearing that Michael died… just… wow…)

Monster & Breaking News (From 2010 Michael Album)

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Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist on last rehearsal

Orianthi was hand-picked by Michael Jackson to be lead guitarist on his “This Is It” tour. Hear what the talented musician has to say about rehearsing with the King of Pop as she tells us about a side of Michael few got to see. She also explains how he has influenced her to move forward in creating her own music. Hosted by Larissa Wohl. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Diddy on Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson I hurt I really hurt

Michael Jackson I hurt you know I hurt His Last words Secretly recorded.English -Greek subtitles
Back in the last days of Michael Jackson preparing for his This is it concerts and by that time his doctor was giving him sedatives he secretly recorded him.
Even though it is hard for all of us,I want to know what Michael was thinking of children and humanity,at those last moments.This is a small part of his voice.The full audio will soon be uploaded.
Thanks for watching my lovely family.
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Michael Jackson – This Is It (Official Video) REACTION

In this video I reacted to Michael Jackson – This Is It (Official Video)

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Moonwalk Tutorial 5 minutes – How to moonwalk like Michael Jackson !

The moonwalk is one of the most famous dance moves that everyone wants to learn, well here is your chance! This tutorial takes you through a basic version and a more advanced version of the moonwalk, and also gives you a load of tips! I had trouble perfecting this move when i was younger so I have included ways that i used to help me learn it and get it smoother.

Done properly the moonwalk will amaze everyone and you will be number one on the dance floor 🙂

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Michael Jackson & Judith Hill – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (THIS IS IT VERSION) HD “rehearsal”

Michael Jackson em seu ensaio na turnê que seria sua ultima, This is it, Música, I Just, Can’t Stop Loving You, Em espanhol Todo mi amor eres tu, e em português Eu simplesmente não posso deixar de te amar, Cantando com a Backing Vocal Judith Hill, no ano de 2009 no Staples Center nos EUA, esse é a minha singela homenagem ao maior artista que o mundo já pode ver, e a maior estrela e ser humano do mundo.
Michael Jackson in his essay on what would be his last tour, This Is It, Music, I Just, Can not Stop Loving You, In Spanish All mi amor eres tu, in Portuguese Eu simplesmente não posso deixar de amar você  , Singing with Backing Vocal Judith Hill, in 2009 at the Staples Center in the U.S., this is my homage to the greatest entertainer the world has ever can see, and the biggest star in the world and the human being.