Joe Rogan – Michael Jackson’s Publicist on What He Was Really Like

Howard Bloom, Michael Jackson’s former publicist, on what Michael was really like.

Michael Jackson Tribute

Sadly, Michael Jackson is dead at the age of 50. RIP Our Best Tribute of Michael Jackson Video History. Just before the This Is It Movie Trailer, the music legend best known for Thriller leaves a long legacy of music from the early days of the Jackson 5 with hits like ABC and I’ll Be There to Billie Jean Thriller Beat It Smooth Criminal Bad Black or White, the list goes on. Best known for Thriller. Never to be forgotten for his signature Moonwalk move. He will be sadly missed but certainly never forgotten. Check out Dancing Inmate’s Michael Jackson Tribute: Picture compliments of tinypic http://i42.tinypic/r/eiqj5/5 Bakcground music Human Nature Download this song from iTunes: “Better on the other side tribute to MJ” by THE GAME, USHER, BOYZ II MAN, CHRIS BROWN … Check out the old video footage of the Jackson 5 Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Official Movie Trailer

[OFFICIAL] Michael Jackson Dance Tribute – STOCKHOLM

Michael Jackson dance collection

Another Michael Jackson dance moves collection clip with some of his best dance moves from beat it, bad,remember the time, jam, black or white,moonwalker smooth criminal and speed demon and some live performances with MJ’s song bad extended dance remix and blame it on the boogie.

Next video i will probably post will be of MJ’s best vocals.

*No COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT INTENDED* I DON”T OWN NOTHING in this clip or the music that is used.All right goes to Michael Jackson,Epic Records,MJJ Records,Sony,Motown.

billie jam beat it bad,tiger woods beating by wife with golf club and crash and said i need you to do me a favor and change your name and number,oprah finally will end her show yay,rihanna tells chris to shutup and drive so chris brown runs it on rihanna,she hit it on ground and then he takes her down and she crawl crawl crawl,and then they break up and two weeks or a month or whatever they get back together then they break up again and she tells him to beat it beat it just beat it rihanna goes crazy and writes crazy songs and now she always half naked or almost,and Chris brown gets rejected from awards show and other because of rihanna incident and then everybody calls him a woman beater a punk sissy boy,rihanna starts having the boring videos and confusing,and then Chris starts dressing weird and starts wearing tights as seen on his graffiti cd cover,next.. Taylor swift wins over Beyonce at the mtv vma and here comes Kanye to the rescue and interrupt Taylor swift and say “I’m gooing to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” so people start to boo kanye,some people say oh “kanye your a douche” “your a loser i hate you kanye” and “man that is a-hole”.so Taylor starts to cry boo hoo 🙁 .Now Taylor’s famous YAY! Now she is talk about everywhere at the doctors the weddings the funeral the party ,the bathrooms,the toilets,the kitchen,the news,under the car,at school,and now even old people knows who she is,,,,yay Kanye,thank you! Recently at the AMA’s Taylor “The girl that Kanye made FAMOUS” Swift wins i don’t know how many she won but i think alot,ending of the show they announce artist the year and guess what Taylor WINS but Michael Jackson was also in that category but he lost to that girl that kanye made famous because of kanye.Thanks to kanye.Now she wins every award that she is nominated for and won’t lose because they feel sorry for because she is 10 years old.Grammy are coming soon and Taylors is nominated for 8 grammys and beyounce is nominated for 10! yay Beyonce but beyonce won’t probably win if she is nominated in the same category as taylor swift.
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
Where you see the arrows above this sentce you are reading,the sentence above the arrows was joke because i was bored.

*No copyright infrigement intended i don’t own any thing in this clip or the music that is used.All right goes to Michael Jackson,Epic Records,MJJ Records,Sony,Motown.*

…for my next video BEST DANCE MOVES 4 / Michael Jackson

Leave me comment with your favorite MJ move and I’ll add your video suggestion and comment to my next video!!!
Let’s make Best Dance Moves PART 4!!! THANK YOU!!!

Check out
BEST DANCE MOVES 1-3 (playlist)

BEST LIVE VOCALS 1-7 (playlist)


Michael Jackson Tribute

A video about Michael Jackson’s greatest Dance moves and songs.

Beat It-Michael Jackson-Japanese Cover-Otsuzumi-NHK Blends

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Some of the songs on the album are:
Lady Gaga-Born This Way, Avicii-Wake Me Up and of course Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

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The Otsuzumi accompanies Japanese Noh theater. Leather is worn on the palm and hardened washi paper on the fingers. The Otsuzumi is gripped with the left hand and held on the lap. The instrument’s high, dry “pop” makes it instantly recognizable.

Michael Jackson Figures-Best Toys Ever!

Michael Jackson Dolls with official outfits:
Beat it
Billie Jean
Smooth Criminal
The way you make me feel
Black or White
Remember the time
Heal the World
History etc…


Michael Trapson “The Grave”

Shot by Chris Bivins @chrisbivins
Directed by Michael Trapson

Directors of Videography :

Chris Bivins @chrisbivins

Toonagraphy Ent @toonographyentertainment

Immortal Filmz @immortal_x

Saul Reel @blindheartedsaulreal

Davey Anderson @wavey_dphotography

Starring : Michael Trapson
Co-Starring : Mikaela Marie @itsmikaelamarie

Dancers :
Justin Valentine @kayo_beetz
Clyde Evans, Jr.
Adrian Mclean @ace_power
Zach Saver @zs_classicman
Aria Rushing
Tido Brown @tido1b
Michael Adonis @mikeadonisofficial

Special Effects Make Up by:
Brien Overby
Stephanie Tear @stephanietear
Cherise Holdridge

“The Grave” will be on available on iTunes soon!

Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake Thriller Remake

If Michael Jackson Made Thriller Today
If Michael Jackson Made Thriller Today
If Michael Jackson Made Thriller Today
If Michael Jackson Made Thriller Today


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Vocals and backing vocals sung by Per Fredrik “PelleK” Åsly
Arranged and orchestrated by Per Fredrik “PelleK” Åsly
Guitars and drums played by Gisha Djordjevic
Bass and piano played by Per Fredrik “PelleK” Åsly
Mixed and mastered at Thundergod Studios

A Merry Michael Jackson’s Christmas – All I want for Christmas is you

This is my Christmas wish…if anyone sees Santa, please let him know.
*On Michael Jackson and Tinkerbell scene, you can see my name and also apf at Tinkerbell’s wings. 🙂
Thanks to Dixie Crystal for helping me find everything and anything I ever wanted about Michael. Without her I would be done by New Year! LOL

Thanks to Arlene Zelina for this version of “All I want for Christmas”,

*The bad quality is because the original has 899mb (near 1gb) and is HD-HDTV. I am sorry but…I’m not waiting that long to upload. lol

Merry X-mas to you…

Later, I’ll upload a mini video with Connie Talbot singing the song I requested her for the video, even tho is too late, I still loved it;